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TouchTone Teller

Even when you're away from your computer, it's easy to keep your CRCU accounts at your fingertips.  By calling our toll-free automated telephone banking information lines from any touch-tone phone, you can:

  • Get information on deposits, withdrawals and account balances
  • Transfer funds or withdraw funds by check
  • Review prior and current year tax information

Call TouchTone Teller at 281.420.4190 in the Baytown and Houston area, or 281.462.3298 in the Crosby or Atascocita area.

Getting Started

To get started you need your CRCU account number  and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). To request a PIN, call CRCU at 281.422.3611 or 800.238.3228. Once you receive your PIN, you can change it anytime.

  1. Enter your Account Number followed by the # sign
  2. Enter your Access Code followed by the # sign
  3. Enter your Secondary Access Code followed by the # sign

First time users can create their own Secondary Access Code

  1. ACCOUNT INQUIRY press 1
    • For account balance press 1
      • Open Share List press 1
      • Open Loan List press 2
      • Mortgage Loan Inquiry press 3
    • For history press 2
      • For Share History press 1
        • Enter Share ID number
        • Number of transaction you would like presented
      • For Draft # Inquiry press 2
      • For Last Deposit press 3
      • For Loan History press 4
      • For Deposit History press 5
    • For tax and IRA information press 3
      • For Dividend Information press 1
      • For Interest Information press 2
      • For IRA Contributions press 3
    • For Share to Share Transfers press 1
      To transfer within your account press 1
      To transfer to another account press 2
    • For Share to Loan transfers press 2
    • For Loan to Share transfers press 3
    • For Share Withdrawal press 4
    • To make a Mortgage Payment press 5
  3. To change preferences, press 3
    • To change access code press 1
    • To change secondary access code press 2
    • To change language press 3

The Asterisk (*) will take you back to the previous menu
The Pound (#) will cancel the transaction
Phone number 281-420-4190 or toll free 800-626-7136


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