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Share-Secured Loan

If you’ve been saving with a CRCU savings account and need cash – there’s no need to touch your savings.

A savings-secured loan can give you the cash you need affordably, by using your savings as collateral. And it’s a great way to build good credit.

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Why it’s great

  • Helps build or re-establish credit
  • Low, low rates
  • Quick and easy application process
  • Borrow using your savings as collateral
  • Your savings continues to earn dividends
  • Shares can be pledged for yourself, family, and friends
  • Your savings shares become available to you as the loan is paid off
  • No penalties if you choose to pay off your loan early

What to know

  • You are still earning interest on your savings
  • Loan amount from $500 up to 100% of savings balance
  • Maximum term for installments is 84 months
  • Checking, Money Market, IRA, and Club Accounts may not be used as collateral
  • Shares become available to you as the loan is paid off
  • Applications are typically processed within one business day
  • Complete an application and electronically sign the document using a secure and intuitive online process. Please be aware that this process may verify your identity by asking a series of random "out-of-wallet" questions, which may be created from public record and credit databases.
  • Credit Life/Disability Insurance is available for your loan
Loan Type    Repayment Terms   
as low as
Share Secured
12 - 84 Months Rate + 3.00% 
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

How to get yours

To apply, deposit money in your savings account and drop by your neighborhood CRCU branch or give us a call at (800) 238-3228.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the money in my savings be released?

The hold decreases after each payment is made.

How long is it before I see the loan payments on my credit report?

We report to credit bureau at the beginning of each month.

How often do you report to the credit bureau? 

We report once a month.

What is a secured loan? 

A secured loan is a loan that lets you borrow money using your own money as collateral.