Early Direct Deposit

Get Paid Early

There are plenty of things in life worth waiting for. Your money isn't one of them. With CRCU, you can get paid up to 2 days early* when you sign up for direct deposit. Start enjoying the benefits of early pay! No cost. No catch. If you qualify, you will automatically start receiving early pay for: 
  • Payroll 
  • Retirement
  • VA benefits
  • Social security
  • Pension
  • Other recurring & one-time deposits

More Time with Your Money

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Up to 2 days early access to your money
Greater control over your finances
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Easily manage unexpected expenses

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You deserve your hard-earned money as soon as possible!

Direct deposit up to two days early* is something we're proud to offer our members. Don't have a CRCU account? Let's get you one! 


Early direct deposit is a free service that Community Resource Credit Union provides its members; giving members access to their pay up to two days early. There’s no enrolling or activating. All you need to do is set up a direct deposit into your CRCU account. If we receive your direct deposit information from your employer early, we will deposit your pay into your account—up to two days early.
We'll do the work for you! Once we receive your direct deposit information from your employer, we will deposit the funds into your account, and you will be automatically enrolled! You can sign up for alerts & notifications that will let you know each time your pay is deposited early! 
Setting up direct deposit is easy! Just fill out a Direct Deposit Form along with a voided check and take it to your HR department. You’ll be able to receive your paycheck quickly, safely, and conveniently! For more information on direct deposits, click here.
Salary, social security, pension, military payments, and VA benefits are all included.

Will my direct deposit always arrive 2 days early?

It depends.  You might get your direct deposit 2 days earlier, 1 day earlier, or on pay day.

Here are some reasons you might not get your direct deposit early

  • You recently set up direct deposit for the first time
  • Your direct deposit is not eligible such as bank to bank transfer
  • There’s a payroll system issue with your payer

Early direct deposits depend on timing.  Your payer must provide payment details on time so the payment can process early.  If the deposit doesn’t arrive early expect it to arrive on your regularly scheduled payday

Your employer submits payroll. Federal Reserve sends this information to CRCU and we credit your account immediately (up to two days early) vs. waiting for the specified date.
  • Monday settlements, would post on Monday
  • Tuesday settlements, would post on Monday
  • Wednesday settlements, would post on Monday
  • Thursday settlements on Tuesday
  • Friday settlements on Wednesday

*Preauthorized ACH credits received by Community Resource Credit Union may be credited to your account as soon as two calendar days early depending on timing of receipt into our Automatic Clearing House (ACH) database. On occasion, we may not receive information ahead of time from the ACH originator and may not be able to post your deposit early. In this case, your deposit will post on the scheduled posting day. Community Resource Credit Union is not responsible for NSF fees or penalties resulting from transactions in advance of an anticipated early ACH credit posting. Excludes International deposits.