Urgent Fraud Alert: Don't Get Scammed with Phone Number Spoofs!

Stay Alert!
We’re seeing an increase in scam phone calls and texts.

Criminals are contacting members posing as CRCU employees. They are using "Caller ID Spoofing," a technology that fraudsters use to send outgoing phone calls that appear to be from one phone number while hiding the true caller's phone number. These scammers are socially engineering members to obtain details about their account information and personal identity. We also know that other financial institutions are being targeted in similar ways.

In this particular case, they are spoofing financial institution phone numbers, so there’s a higher likelihood that a member or customer will answer the call. Once they have the member on the phone, they are identifying themselves as an employee, often from the Fraud Department, and asking for the member’s login credentials, or to verify one-time passcodes, in order to block the fraud.  Unfortunately, some of the members have willingly disclosed their account information to fraudsters, who then transfer money out of the member’s account.

This is a scam.

We will NEVER contact you and ask for...

  • Usernames 
  • Passwords
  • One-time security codes 
  • Online banking credentials
  • Full debit or credit card numbers (CVV or PIN number)
  • Full social security

Even if you call us, we will NEVER ask for this information. Never share this information with anyone, even if you believe you are talking to a CRCU employee.  Giving away this information is the same as giving the person authorized access to your account, and once the money is gone, it might not be possible to get it back.  

If you do get a call like this, do not provide any information to the fraudster. Instead, hang up, and call us at 281.422.3611 to report it. Please provide as much detail as possible.

In today's world, scammers have become incredibly adept at selecting their targets. By utilizing a blend of public data, stolen information from data breaches like Equifax, prominent retailers, websites, and even insights gathered from social media platforms, they construct detailed profiles. This is why sometimes the criminal may even have the first digits of your debit or credit card number. This refined approach not only enhances their targeting precision but also lends an air of credibility to their calls.


Unite Against Fraud

To safeguard your accounts, we employ robust security measures while actively implementing additional countermeasures to tackle unauthorized activities. However, our strongest defense against fraud lies in your watchfulness as a member.

Remember, never disclose your security credentials to anyone, and promptly report any suspicious activity or concerns you may have.

Furthermore, kindly share this vital information with friends and family who might be more susceptible or vulnerable to such fraudulent schemes. Together, we can fortify our defenses against fraud.