The Little Learning Academy


My name is Courtney Davis and I'm the owner at the Little Learning Academy, which is a Child Care Center in Mont Belvieu, Texas. 

I started out in education. I taught for 12 years in Barbers Hill ISD and realized there was a need for child care in Mt.Belvieu because it's a growing area. So I decided to give it a shot step out on a leap of faith and see what could happen. 

Starting a business is intimidating but partnering with CRCU, they really made it possible. One thing I liked about using CRCU is that they were so personal they were available at any time. Any question I had they were there with an answer if they didn't know they looked into it and got back to me as soon as they could. 

It was just a great experience overall never a bump in the road and it just made it smooth for someone who is stepping out doing something that she was not used to doing and just made me know that my dream was possible.

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