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Wire Transfers

Move money between your CRCU account and any account at a financial institution.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers allow you to move money between your CRCU account and any account at another financial institution. It’s easy, automatic, secure, and can be used to move money across the globe.

Why it’s great

  • Electronically send funds to or from someone at another institution
  • Fully automated, with no waiting in line and no paper items to be issued or mailed
  • Faster availability of funds
  • Available for both domestic and international funds transfers


What to know

  • We have no control as to when the funds will be posted at the receiving financial institution
  • A fee may be accessed at the receiving financial institution
  • For international wire transfers, a US correspondence bank must first receive the funds and then send them to the receiving financial institution
  • Completed form must be received by noon to be sent on the same business day

How to do it

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Come to any CRCU branch or contact our CRCU Member Contact Center to initiate a wire transfer. First, here are some tips to help you prepare and save time. Please obtain and verify the following for the receiving financial institution: 

  • U.S. dollar amount
  • Member’s phone number
  • Name of the U.S. bank or Institution
  • Routing and transit number of the receiving institution (ABA or routing number)
  • Physical address of the receiving bank, including city, state and zip code
  • Name of the person or company receiving the funds
  • Physical address of the person or company, including city, state and zip code
  • Account number where the funds will be deposited
We offer convenient domestic wire transfer services via online banking to get your funds where you need them! Transfer funds within the U.S. easily and securely with wire transfers via online banking. (To have access to the feature within online banking, call 281.422.3611 - Option 6 – Option 1. Please note this is only for domestic wires. For international wires please call or visit one of our branches.)

Incoming Wire Transfers

To receive a wire transfer from another financial institution, provide this information to the sender:

Wire to:

Community Resource Credit Union
2900 Decker Drive, Baytown, TX 77520
ABA#: 313077513
Credit Account:
  • Your full name
  • Physical address
  • Your CRCU Account number & type

Please utilize a physical street address to ensure your wire transfer processes. P.O. Boxes will not be accepted. For assistance or verification on this process, contact us by phone or in person. 

Wire Transfer Agreement

To initiate a wire, complete a domestic or international Wire Transfer form below. 

View all forms & documents

Contact Member Services at 281.422.3611 if you have questions about
wiring instructions.


These days you can use your phone to do just about anything – and that includes transferring money. With Zelle, you can send, request, and receive money to or from just about anyone with CRCU online banking or mobile banking.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the wire transfer funds be received?

We have no control as to when the funds will be posted at the receiving financial institution. Contact CRCU for information.

Why did I receive less funds then the amount transferred?

Some financial institutions charge an incoming wire fee. Contact the receiving financial institution for wiring instructions.

Why do I need a US correspondent bank for international wire transfers? 

The financial institutions that process our wire transfers do not process international wires.  They must process it to a US correspondent bank and then to the receiving financial institution in the other country. Some US correspondent banks only process transfers to specific international banks.

What are the wire limits for domestic wires via online banking?

  1. Daily Limit – 5000
  2. Monthly Limit – 7000
  3. Transaction Limit – 2999
  4. Price per Domestic Wire transaction – 15