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Touch Tone Teller

Automated telephone banking for performing quick and easy inquiries and tasks

Convenience and control are at hand.

Sometimes a simple phone call can accomplish so much. With CRCU’s Touchtone Teller, you can find out your account balances, review transactions, and even make transfers between accounts 24/7.

What to know

  • You can use TouchTone Teller to review current and prior-year tax information.
  • To ensure your security, you will need a primary and secondary access code.
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 Why it’s great

  • 24/7 access, even without internet connection
  • Free service
  • Easy to enroll
  • Use it to transfer funds between accounts
  • Conveniently check transactions and balances

How to get started

To get started, you will need your CRCU account number and an access code. Request an access code by calling CRCU at 281.422.3611 or 800.238.3228. Once you receive your access code you can change it anytime through the TouchTone Teller system.



Call TouchTone Teller at 281-420-4190 or toll free 800-626-7136.

  1. Enter your account number followed by the # sign
  2. Enter your access code followed by the # sign
  3. Enter your secondary access code followed by the # sign

First-time users can create their own secondary access code.

For a complete list of telephone commands you can use with TouchTone Teller, see FAQ's.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with TouchTone Teller?

A lot! Here is a list of commands you can use with TouchTone Teller at 281-420-4190 or toll free 800-626-7136:

  1.  ACCOUNT INQUIRY – press 1


For account balance press 1

Open Share List, press 1

Open Loan List, press 2

Mortgage Loan Inquiry, press 3

For history press 2

For Share History, press 1

Enter Share ID number

Enter number of transactions you would like presented

For Draft # Inquiry, press 2

For Last Deposit, press 3

For Loan History, press 4

For Deposit History, press 5

For tax and IRA information, press 3

For Dividend Information, press 1

For Interest Information, press 2

For IRA Contributions, press 3



For Share to Share Transfers, press 1

To transfer within your account press 1

To transfer to another account press 2

For Share to Loan transfers, press 2

For Loan to Share transfers, press 3

To make a Mortgage Payment, press 5

3. PREFERENCES – press 3


To change access code, press 1

To change secondary access code, press 2

To change language, press 3

BACK – Press the Asterisk (*) to go back to the previous menu.

CANCEL – Press the Pound (#) to cancel a transaction.