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Financial Stories

The power to reach your goals
Financial literacy unlocks your potential – so turn to CRCU for the financial education you need to be your very best self. Our financial education programs help the community and our members of all ages develop a stronger understanding of financial concepts. And by promoting long-term financial capability for our community, we’re helping to empower people with the skills they need to manage their finances and reach their goals.

CRCU’s financial literacy programs include:


  • Everfi Online – Take your financial fitness into your own hands with a wide variety of online 24/7 financial education modules. This personalized digital learning experience gives you the power to learn more about financial foundations, money management, home ownership, retirement, investing, and more, all at your own pace when and where it’s most convenient for you.


  • Everfi Workshops – We conduct group, in-person workshops led by volunteer financial literacy experts to help empower our community with new financial skills, from budgeting and other financial foundations to homeownership and small business financial management.


  • Common Cent$ – Designed to encourage financial literacy in our local schools, this immersive, in-person financial literacy program gives high school and community college students the opportunity to learn hands on how to balance a monthly income with a variety of real-world financial obligations. Common Cent$ allows students to see how both small and large financial decisions, from owning a home to eating out and getting a haircut, can affect their overall financial picture, their ability to save for the future, and their potential to reach their goals.

Start reaching your goals now!

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