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Contactless Debit Cards

Look. Tap. Go

CRCU Contactless Debit Cards

Look: Find the Contactless Symbol at checkout
Tap: Simply tap your contactless card on the checkout terminal
Go: Your payment is processed in seconds
 Enjoy a new, convenient way to pay. Activate your new contactless card for simple tap-and-go processing at contactless terminals. Your card works at all types of checkouts, so you can use it everywhere.
Your contactless card works at all the latest tap-to-pay terminals, as well as, at conventional chip or swipe checkouts.
Use your new card everywhere, because whether shopping online or making in-person purchases, it's the trusted, easy way to pay.
  • Convenience and acceptance 
  • Extra security
  • Easy Checkout
What will change? What will stay the same? 
  • You can use your new card at all contactless tap-to-pay, chip-enabled, and magnetic stripe terminals. 
  • Your personal Identification Number (PIN) will not change.
  • Activate your new card right away, and then destroy you old card.
  • If you utilize your card for recurring monthly bill payments, please remember to notify any merchants when you activate your new card.
Fast. Easy. Secure.
  • Fast - Payments processed in seconds
  • Easy - Simply tap your card on the checkout terminal
  • Secure - Same dynamic security as regular chip cards
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