Business Spotlight Jenny Montes Statefarm

Navigating Success with CRCU

Jenny Montes, owner of Jenny Montes State Farm in Baytown, shares her journey of entrepreneurial growth and how her partnership with Community Resource Credit Union (CRCU) has been instrumental in her success.


Jenny Montes has been intertwined with CRCU from her earliest memories, influenced by her family’s longstanding relationship with the credit union. “My parents chose CRCU for their banking needs, and it’s where I opened my first savings account,” Jenny reflects. This deep-rooted connection has evolved as Jenny ventured into her own entrepreneurial pursuits.



When it came time to establish a more permanent foundation for her business, Jenny Montes State Farm, Jenny naturally turned to CRCU. “They were the first call I made when I was looking for a building for my business,” she says. With no prior experience in real estate acquisition for business purposes, CRCU’s guidance was invaluable.



Jenny’s relationship with CRCU has been more than just transactional; it has been transformational. She emphasizes the ease and comfort she experiences when dealing with CRCU, making her entrepreneurial journey smoother and more enjoyable. “It’s very refreshing to go through the loan process with CRCU. I feel comfortable and confident, knowing I don’t have to worry about the financial aspects,” Jenny states. This support has allowed her to focus more on what she loves most—serving her community and making an impact.



A Baytown native, Jenny is passionately involved in her community. Running her own State Farm agency was driven by a desire to invest her energy and resources into her hometown. “Representing a company like State Farm, which has been looking out for people for over a hundred years, and doing it in my community, is thrilling,” Jenny shares.



Jenny’s State Farm office isn’t just a business; it’s a community hub. She is actively involved in local schools and youth programs, ensuring that her business’s success also uplifts those around her. CRCU's commitment to local businesses and community involvement mirrors Jenny's values, making this partnership a perfect match.



“Working with other small businesses like CRCU has been amazing,” Jenny concludes. Her journey highlights how CRCU supports and fosters the growth of local enterprises, proving that a strong community and a personalized approach to banking can create a foundation for profound business success.



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