Beautifying Lamar Elementary

Community Resource Credit Union Volunteers at Lamar Elementary for a Beautification Project

In an inspiring demonstration of community partnership and volunteerism, Community Resource Credit Union (CRCU) recently dedicated their time and effort at Lamar Elementary School in Goose Creek. The initiative, part of a longstanding 29-year relationship between CRCU and the school, aimed at enhancing the school's environment through various beautification efforts.

Principal Mark Gorena of Lamar Elementary expressed his deep appreciation for CRCU's commitment. "I'm just so honored that CRCU has come out to help us with this beautification project at our school," Gorena said, highlighting the significance of nearly three decades of partnership with CRCU.

The project brought together a remarkable number of volunteers from both the school and CRCU. They engaged in a series of activities designed to enrich the students' learning and recreational spaces. Among the enhancements were the addition of sensory path sidewalk templates, the construction of a garden, storage bins for supplies and tools, and fresh mulch for the playground.

Moreover, the initiative saw the introduction of beautiful flowers and exercise activities, aiming to create a more engaging and stimulating environment for the students. "Our kids are going to love this," Gorena enthused, acknowledging the effort and dedication of the volunteers.

Gorena's heartfelt thanks extended to all the participants involved in making the project a reality. "Thank you, CRCU. Thank you, all the volunteers that came out to make a big difference," he said, emphasizing the positive impact of such community involvement on the school and its students.

As Lamar Elementary and CRCU look forward to marking a 30-year partnership next year, this beautification project stands as a testament to their enduring commitment to the community. Principal Gorena concluded, "We're blessed, truly blessed to have partners like CRCU," a sentiment that underscores the value of collaboration and support in fostering enriching environments for future generations.