5 Ways to Save on Workplace Lunches

5 Ways to Save on Workplace Lunches

Did you know that spending $10 to buy lunch at work each day will cost you $2,600 a year? And if you spend $20 each day, that number doubles! That's a lot of money that could be spent toward a vacation, a luxury purchase you've been dreaming of, paying down existing debts, or just sitting in an investment fund or savings account. So here's how to save on workplace lunches by brown-bagging it and beyond.

1. Check out your workplace kitchen

If you've been buying your lunch every day, you may not even know what space and appliances are available to you in the office kitchen. Check out what your workplace provides for its employees through food storage and prep so you can be better prepared when planning and packing your lunches. Is there a microwave, toaster, or another appliance at the office? Do you have access to cabinet space and/or a fridge? Are there spice packets and condiments for the taking?

2. Love those leftovers

Don't just use the bit of leftover dinner proteins to add to your work lunch salads; cook dinner with the next day's lunch in mind. Add a bit of extra protein to your entree, and then slice or shred it for your workday sandwich or salad. If you're cooking up pasta, set some aside to take to work the next day before you add any sauces or cheese. Homemade pizza is great the next day, too. Pack some condiments, cheese, and your favorite salad add-ons to add life to your leftovers at work.

3. Jar it

Mason jars are the perfect food storage solution and are pretty, too! Pack a salad, layered meal, or anything in small mason jars, and it'll stay fresh for several days in your home or work fridge. Jarring your lunch is a great solution for the employee who finds it challenging to carve out time for lunch prep each evening or morning. All you need is one marathon food prep session over the weekend, and you'll be set for the week.

4. Freeze it

Bring some frozen meal options if your office provides freezer space for employees. Keep them at work for those days when you didn't plan ahead for lunch and don't want to spend a twenty on takeout.

5. Partner up with a co-worker

If you still want takeout for lunch, consider partnering up with a friend to reduce the price. For example, you can split a lunch special or share a pizza.