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Ok Gang, time to start making saving fun!

Saving money isn't easy, and we all want to buy awesome stuff! 
These cool sites can help you figure out what you'll need to do, 
in order to get what you want! 

Let's get started!


High Schoolers

C-NOTE will show how to make the most of your money, check your 
credit score, help you shop for a car, and even score a sweet deal!

Middle Schoolers

The tips you'll learn at AJ'S can help you to turn your allowance into a 
new bike or PS3! That will definitely make your friends jealous. LOL

Elementary Schoolers

5 SPOT makes money fun! Learn cool games and good savings habits.


Browsing through these sites will definitely be a lot of fun, and they will also teach you some serious money skills. That way, when its time for you to save for college, buy a car, rent an apartment, or even buy a'll be no sweat!







  • Cool Million!

A million bucks! That's the amount of money we all want, right? Well, our "Cool Million" calculator helps you realize what it would take for you to get there. Starting to save early definitley helps, and...well, just click here and find out for yourself!

A twenty year old doesn't do the same things a fourty year old does...right? The same applies to what you do with your money. Depending on how old or young you are, your savings plan is different. Find out how, by clicking here!

Want to win a T-shirt, Gift Card, and other cool prizes? Take a picture of yourself using your CRCU Debit card, and you could win. We'll draw a monthly winner at random and award a prize! These pictures will be posted on facebook and our website, so make sure you're cool with people seeing them. Simply send your pictures to us at and get set to win!

Youth Savings