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Pending Transactions

To help you better manage your finances, on September 17th, we will be launching a new feature in Online Banking, Pending Transactions.  Authorized CRCU VISA Check Card transactions not yet posted to your account will appear on your checking account history page. These transactions will be notated in black italicized text at the top of the page and will appear in Mobile Banking and Online Banking account histories.

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Pending Transactions

Mobile Banking

Pending Transactions

If you have any questions about a pending transaction that appears on your account, please call or e-mail our Member Contact Center for more information.

Member Contact Center

  • Baytown Area: 281.422.3611
  • Crosby Area: 281.462.2728
  • Out of Area: 1.800.238.3228
  • What is a Pending Transaction?
  • Important Details

When you conduct a signature transaction using your VISA check card, the money is immediately deducted from your available balance and appears as a pending transaction. In most instances, pending transactions will post to your account within two days.

Not all preauthorizations are for the exact amount of purchases. Below are a few examples where the authorized amount could be different than the actual purchase amount.

  • Gas Many stations authorize only $1 to allow you to pump.
  • Hotels - Hotels can authorize more than the cost of the room to cover miscellaneous expenses.
  • Rental cars - Companies can authorize more than the cost of the rental to cover miscellaneous expenses.
  • Restaurants - Restaurants sometimes authorize up to 20% more than receipt prices for tips, etc.

Occasionally, business names in pending transactions appear in different forms than when they clear your account. For instance, Starbucks as a pending transaction might show SBUX, but when it posts, it reads: Starbucks.