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Money Market Savings



Maximize your return and maintain flexibility. This type of account is a good option if:

  • You plan to maintain a higher balance and want to earn a better rate than on a regular savings account
  • You want access to your money any time
  • You like the security of having your funds federally insured

Account features:

  • Minimum Balance to open: $5,000
  • Check writing privileges
  • $5,000 minimum average daily balance to avoid $10 monthly service charge
  • Interest calculated on the average daily balance, compounded and paid monthly
  • Interest rate subject to change monthly
  • No minimum withdrawal amount   
  • Limited number of checks can be written to a third party from this account, subject to Regulation D limits*
More Info

*Transaction limitations are set by Regulation D (Reg D) and are monitored. Transaction limitations are disclosed in our Rate and Fee Account Disclosure and our Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosures and Agreement. A $10 fee is imposed for each Regulation D violation. Cannot be used as collateral on a loan. Debit card is not allowed, and cannot be used for Bill Pay Service.


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