Life Stage: I am age 60 or better

Finally, your time is drawing near. All the saving and hard work you put in is about to pay off. Now is the time to maximize your contributions, take advantage of all “catch-ups” available to you, and reallocate and consolidate.

This is a significant transition in your life. You will no longer be bringing home a paycheck.  Now, it’s up to you to make your savings last, while you live out your retirement dreams.

5 Key Steps:

  • Continue to contribute to your 401(k) as long as possible
  • Rebalance portfolio to reduce risk
  • Begin taking contributions (social security and pensions)
  • Monitor withdrawals to prevent outliving your savings
  • Build a ladder of CDs to earn the maximum rate possible

This is the stage of your life where you prepare for the changes retirement will bring and start planning to do all those things you've been putting off—travel, spending time with family, community & volunteer work.

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