Life Stage: I am in my 30's

Hopefully, by this time, your life has settled down a bit. Your career is on track and you have developed some good saving habits. Maybe you are starting a family or looking to buy a home.

Whatever your situation, you still have a great opportunity today to attain your dreams of tomorrow.

5 Key Steps:

  • Commit to your Retirement Plan – save at least 10% of your salary
  • Create an emergency fund (3 month’s salary)
  • If you have kids, begin saving for college
  • Hire an accountant to do your taxes (every dollar saved adds up)
  • Increase your 401(k) contributions as your salary increases
  • Roll over “orphaned” 401(k) plans from previous employers to CRCU so that you can more easily manage your retirement funds

As you focus on the opportunities & challenges of today, continue to build a foundation for the kind of life you want tomorrow.

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