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CRCU's United Way Campaign with Bridgehaven Children's Advocacy Center

In a heartwarming collaboration, the CRCU (Community Resource Credit Union) joined forces with Bridgehaven Children's Advocacy Center in their recent United Way campaign. This partnership marks a significant step in CRCU's community engagement efforts, particularly focusing on mental health support for children.

A Campaign with a Cause: Mental Health Care Bags and More
This year's campaign introduced a novel and impactful initiative: the creation of mental health care bags. These bags, thoughtfully packed with journals featuring positive affirmations and age-appropriate toys, aim to brighten the lives of children during their time at Bridgehaven. This thoughtful gesture underscores the commitment of CRCU and Bridgehaven to not only provide essential services but also to foster a positive, supportive environment for children in need.

Alyssa's Insights: The Heart of the Campaign
Alyssa, the Vice President of Human Resources at CRCU and the leader of this year's campaign, shared her thoughts in an exclusive interview. She emphasized the alignment of the United Way partnership with CRCU's core values. "Our partnership with United Way is really an extension of what we already do in many ways," Alyssa stated. She highlighted the dual benefits of the initiative: providing staff with an opportunity for team-building and community service outside the workplace, and making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Personal Stories of Impact
Alyssa also shared poignant anecdotes of CRCU staff who have personally benefited from United Way's support in the past. These stories of resilience and recovery serve as powerful reminders of the significant impact such organizations can have on individual lives.

Beyond Monetary Donations: Making a Real Difference
This year's campaign expanded beyond monetary contributions. Alyssa and her team encouraged CRCU staff to engage directly with the community, supporting those in need through hands-on involvement. "We wanted to make sure that we not only provided staff the opportunity to donate monetarily but also to make the greatest impact where they find the most joy," Alyssa explained. This approach reflects a deep understanding of the joy and fulfillment that comes from active, personal involvement in community service.

Vision, Mission, and Impact: A Holistic Approach
The collaboration with United Way is part of CRCU's broader vision and mission, which focuses on making a positive impact in the lives of their members, employees, and the wider community. Alyssa expressed her pride in the CRCU staff's commitment to volunteer work and their continuous efforts to make a difference.

A Beacon of Hope and Support
The CRCU and Bridgehaven Children's Adv Center's partnership through the United Way campaign stands as a beacon of hope and support for the community. It demonstrates the powerful impact of collaborative efforts in addressing critical issues like mental health. As Alyssa aptly summarized, "It's just amazing how that continues to reach out on their time that they volunteer with United Way and other partners to make a difference in the community."

A United Effort for a Brighter Future
The CRCU's United Way campaign, in partnership with Bridgehaven Children's Advocacy Center, serves as a shining example of how organizations can come together to make a profound difference in their communities. Through initiatives like the mental health care bags and the direct involvement of staff in community service, CRCU and Bridgehaven are not just supporting those in need today but are laying the groundwork for a more compassionate and caring future.

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