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Board of Directors

The volunteer board at CRCU is made up of business leaders, education and finance professionals. Their job is to provide experienced leadership and oversight of the credit union. They work long hours for the greater good - to help members achieve financial well-being.    

  • Randall Sanders - Chairman
  • Wayne Gray - Vice Chairman
  • Trudy Masters - Secretary / Treasurer
  • Dick Dawson - Director
  • Jonna Cagle-Page - Director
  • Tucker Coughlen - Director
  • Connie Tilton - Director
  • David Mohlman - Director
  • John Henderson - Chairman Emeritus
  • Roy Barefield - Director
  • Bill Vola - Advisory Director


We're honored to have these individuals leading the CRCU cause. They help represent every member when it comes to making important, forward-thinking decisions that affect the entire credit union.



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