Youth Savings

Whatís the one good thing you can say about your childís dead bug collection? He likes to save! Now, you just have to teach him to save the right things, like his allowance.

A CRCU Youth Savings account is the perfect way to teach your kids about the importance of saving money. Our account makes it easy and fun for the kids to learn. Itís also a safe place to put birthday and holiday money.

Plus, when their statement comes in, you can spend time together discussing how the account is growing.

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Quick Links:
Financial calculators

High Schoolers

C-NOTE will show how to make the most of your money, check your 
credit score, help you shop for a car, and even score a sweet deal!

Middle Schoolers

The tips you'll learn at AJ'S can help you to turn your allowance into a 
new bike or PS3! That will definitely make your friends jealous. LOL

Elementary Schoolers

5 SPOT makes money fun! Learn cool games and good savings habits.